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The Local Japan Team

The Local Japan Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people from this area with travelers around the world and support traditional local businesses. With our tours and experiences we introduce local culture and scenery of this beautiful area to travelers around the world. It is important for us to share our culture and to give travelers and local people the opportunity of having fun on meeting and learning from each other.

All our guides are living in or near this area and speak fluent English and German (as well as some who speak French). They all share a deep passion for culture and history of this area as well as know all local shop owners personally. On all our guided tours and experiences our guides travel with you, always on hand to help you understand and talk to local people to offer you unforgettable memories.

The Local Japan project is an idea of the Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine - Hotoku Kaikan in Odawara, Japan. Parts of the income of tours and experiences on this site, will be used to support local businesses (restaurants, shops, cultural properties) in the area.

Local Japan Office

Our office is based in Odawara, Japan. As the project is part of Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine Hotoku Kaikan, you will find our office inside Hotoku Kaikan. The building is connected to the Hotoku Ninomia Shrine. Please make an appointment by email before visiting the office as our employees travel a lot and may be not available on specific days.

Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine  Hotoku Kaikan
8-10 Jonai,
Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture
250-0014 JAPAN

FAX:+81 465-23-3286

Mail: info@local-japan.jp

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Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine - Hotoku Kaikan
8-10, Jonai, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa 250-0014, JAPAN

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