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Experience this area at your own pace without local guide. Use our itineraries for independent travelers, navigate yourself around the area and find hidden gems by yourself. Our itineraries cover the most important spots and enable you to guide yourself without missing out on anything.
Mount Fuji, Hakone
For Mount Fuji & Nature lovers

Explore traditional handicraft and enjoy beautiful nature while walking on the historical Tokaido road. Have a rest at the oldest teahouse of Hakone and try their sweet rice drink and rice cake. Enjoy a magnificent view of Mount Fuji from Lake Ashinoko. Visit the red gate of Hakone Shrine, take the Ropeway to the top of the mountain to get a stunning view of the area.


Required Time

1 Day

Castle Town, Odawara
For Allrounders

Visit the Odawara Castle and a small shinto shrine. Taste traditional snacks and relax at a local coffee shop. Visit an old japanese house and enjoy its unique japanese architecture. Have a walk on the beach and enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean.


Required Time

1 Day

Mount Fuji, Hakone, Minami Ashigara
For Families

Spend 3 days with the whole family within the Local Japan area and enjoy various traditional, fun and learning activities. Spend a half day at the Natural History Museum and teach your children about dinosaurs and more. Visit the sulphur fields of Hakone, enjoy time in the woods of Minami Ashigara and let the children play on the playground in the huge "Parcabout-net".

  Hakone & Odawara & Minami Ashigara

Required Time

3 Days

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