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Local Japan has strict selection processes for new partners, such as restaurants, bars, and cultural institutions. We want to preserve a high standard for travelers and other people who are using our homepage. Accounts for new partners will be provided after a visit of the shop and a personal meeting with the owner or the management.


Shop Information
All information provided by the partners of Local Japan will be used from Local Japan to promote their business online and offline. They will be published online on our homepage, on other social media networks, or can be used as a print media for the purpose of promotion. The owner of the stores or their employees are responsible to hold the own information up to date.  Therefore Local Japan does not ensure that these information are current.


Pictures and Icons

Local Japan respects copyright law and expects from its users to do the same. All rights of pictures made by Local Japan are reserved by Local Japan itself. In case of a violation of the rights of any copyright holder, either from Local Japan or any other party, Local Japan is authorized to terminate these partners contract. The concepts of icons, used by Local Japan are by the imagination of Flaticon.com.


Financial terms

Local Japan currently does not charges fees for the creation of accounts for new partners. However, partners acknowledge and agree that Local Japan reserves the right of charging other fees in certain cases. Please note that in consideration for the use of the online marketplace of Local Japan, we charge a small service fee from our partners. Each partner (shop owner) agrees that the payment will be sent via direct deposit or other payment method on the end of the month. This service fees are not refundable. Local Japan conducts random payment checks of customers. In case of not paying the full service fee, Local Japan reserves the right to cancel any kind of partnership at any time.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation of tours up to 21 days prior the tour date will not be charged with any cancellation fee. For other cancellations Local japan has to charge a cancellation fee based on the following terms:

                     20-15 days prior the tour     →     20% of total tour fee
                       14-8 days prior the tour     →     30% of total tour fee
                         7-4 days prior the tour     →     50% of total tour fee
                         3-0 days prior the tour     →     100% of total tour fee

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