What to do

  • Odawara
    Experience Art & Culture

    Visit the incredible architectural masterpiece of Hiroshi Sugimoto.

    ¥16,000    ODAWARA     Mo, Thu, Fr

  • Odawara
    Experience Local Life

    Get to know history, local food and everyday life in a 1 Day Tour through the city.

    ¥8,900     ODAWARA     Mo, Fr

  • Odawara
    Discover Shintoism

    Get an exclusive insight into the life at a Japanese Shinto Shrine.

    ¥5,900    ODAWARA    Daily

  • Minami-Ashigara
    Explore Hidden Tracks

    Dive into Zen Buddhism and the world of Japan's mysterious creatures "Tengu".

    ¥7,900 MINAMI-ASHIGARA  Mo-Tue, Fr-Sun

  • Odawara
    Discover Japan's Faith

    Attend a real Shinto ceremony and learn more about the original nature-religion of Japan.

    ¥1,900    ODAWARA     Daily

  • Hakone
    Experience Classic Hakone

    Hike Japan's ancient travelling route, the famous Tokaido road. (Japan's Heritage site)

    On demand    HAKONE    Daily

  • Odawara
    Discover the Art of Bonsai

    Learn directly from a Bonsai Master how to cut your own Japanese Bonsai.

    ¥3,900      ODAWARA  on demand

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Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine - Hotoku Kaikan
8-10, Jonai, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa 250-0014, JAPAN

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