Small Castle in the center of Odawara

Odawara Castle


The original castle was constructed more than 600 years ago by the Omori Clan. After the building was destroyed many times through earthquakes, fire or through deconstruction the main tower was rebuilt in 1960 one last time. Inside the castle is a museum and on the top floor there is a beautiful view over Odawara and the near bay. A statue of the Buddhist Goddess "Marici" is enshrined there as well. "Marici" is worshiped as the goddess of heat haze (shimmering light). The phenomenon is believed not to be captured, burnt or hurt. Because of these aspects the Japanese Samurai worshiped the Buddhist goddess "Marici". An example of the martial characteristic was that "Marici" had the ability to confuse the enemy by effectively turning the invoker invisible.

Odawara Castle, 6-1 Jonai, Odawara, Kanagawa, JAPAN

Second Wednesday in December, 31 December and 01 January

Tips & Tricks

The spell which Samurai and Ninja used to invoke the Goddess was: "On Anichi Marishiei Sowaka!"

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8-10, Jonai, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa 250-0014, JAPAN

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