Buddha Statues in Hakone

Buddha Statues carft in stone


Right next from the Bus stop "Rokudo jizo" you find a small Museum which entry is free of charge. From the Museum leads a short (15-20min) trail to some more than 700 year old stone statues. Find different Buddha sculptures among the trail. You see statues of  "Ojizo-san", one of the most loved Japanese deities. He is seen as the guardian of small children and children who died before their parents.

In the Japanese mythology its said, that everybody who dies, has to cross a mythical River to reach the afterlife. As small Children have not had the chance to learn as much in their short live to cross the river by their own, they have to stay in the underworld and have to pile stones eternally on the bank of the river. Traditionally it is believed that "Ojizo-san" saves these souls by hiding them from the demons in the underworld.
The Statue of "Ojizo-san" in Hakone are sometimes accompanied by piles of stones. People which lost a child built these piles in the believing to reduce the suffer of their childrens soul in the underworld. Tiny red clothes, hats and bibs which you can see on the statue sometimes are made as offerings to thank the goddess for saving their own child from illness or where made in the hope that that "Ojizo-san" would especially protect their child.

On the end of the trail you find three big stone piles which symbolizes the 5 Elements. From down to the top; Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Void. One of them is the grave of a famous Samurai which lived more than 700 years ago.

Museum, 110-228 Motohakone, Hakone, Kanagawa, JAPAN
Apr-Nov 10:00-17:00
Dec-Mar 10:00-16:00

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