Unique forest with 500 Buddha Statues

Choanji Temple


This temple is rarely menchioned in any guidebook. The place was built in 1356 but its history is almost unknown. There are hundreds of stone statues in the forest around the Temple with all kinds of different facial expressions. You can reach the place by Taxi within a few minutes drive. It is not a well known place for foreign Tourists but a it is a popular spot among the Japanese People here and definitely a must visit.

Buddhist bell of Choanji Temple

Choanji Temple, 82 Ashigarashimo-gun Sengokuhara, Hakone, Kanagawa, JAPAN
Open all year round

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The statues are called 500 Rakan (The 500 Arhats). It is said, that they where teached drectly from Buddha himself and reached one of the highest levels of religious wisdom. They didn`t reached full buddhahood but they were able to escape from the cycle of rebirth.

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