Edo period road Checkpoint

Hakone Sekisho

Road Checkpoint

Here you find a reconstruction of the Road Checkpoint between Tokyo and Kyoto. Back in the Edo period it was very easy to get from Kyoto to Tokyo on the Tokaido road, an old street which . But without a travel permit you could not get back to Kyoto anymore. The punishment to cross the border beyond the Sekisho Checkpoint was the same as killing ones master or parents - crucifixion

There is a Story about a little girl named Tama which came from a poor family, to work for her uncle in Tokyo:
The girl became homesick and leaved the place in Tokyo without telling anybody. She wanted to go home to her father and mother in Kyoto. As she came to the Hakone Checkpoint she knew, that she could not cross the Sekisho without getting catched by the guards of the Checkpoint. So she went up the hills to cross the border in the forest. There was a tall fence, which she tried to clime. Unfortunately she got stuck because of her Kimono. A villager found her and she got caught from the soldiers. The little girl stayed 2 months in the Sekisho prison. The soldiers of the Sekisho knew about the story of the little girl and decided to lower the punishment one level from crucifixion to beheading. After days in prison the poor little girl was beheaded, because of her try to get home to her parents.

In the reconstructed Checkpoint in Hakone knows everybody the story of the little Girl Tama.

Hakone Sekisho, 1 Motohakone, Hakone, Kanagawa, JAPAN

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I would recommend this place only for people who are really interested in Japanese history. For everybody else, there are a lot of other interesting places to visit nearby.

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