Old main Shrine in Odawara

Matsubara Shrine


The time of establishment of this old shrine is unknown, but it is said, it is almost thousand years old. On the left side of the main entrance, there is a small place where they sell amulets which protect against evil. Right next to it, there is a red vintage vending machine, where you can buy written paper fortunes. There are several fortune levels you could get, from big fortune, small fortune to misfortune. For people who visit this old Shrine, please wash your hands with the water of the fountain on the right side. In front of the Shrine, put a coin in the wooden box, ring the bell, then bow twice, clap twice and bow again one time.

Matsubara Jinja, 2-10-16 Honcho, Odawara, Kanagawa, JAPAN

Tips & Tricks

Bow slightly before entering the Shrine through the main gate.

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